A short film worth viewing.


We are pleased to present "Forpost" to our visitors. This short documentary film is deeply moving, and instructive for the serious Christian. We hope you will find great value in this movie and pass it along to others. … [Read more...]

Orthodox Prayers and Prayerbooks Available Online

Icon of Christ in Gesthemane

We present a few editions of prayer books in different languages for Orthodox Christians that are available online, for viewing as webpages, or for download in various file formats. Orthodox Daily Prayers Православный молитвослов Livre de … [Read more...]

Almsgiving and the Orthodox Christian

"Icons courtesy of www.eikonografos.com used with permission"

Please read these important, valuable links about almsgiving, including a life of St. John the Almsgiver, Patriarch of Alexandria.  There is a wealth of information, and guidance for today's Orthodox Christian. St. John the Almsgiver, Patriarch of … [Read more...]

Orthodoxy, the Basics and More

ABC Blocks at clker.com

Have you ever had basic questions about Orthodox Christianity, but were afraid to ask?  Do you feel comfortable with the basics, but you would like to know more? The links below are tremendous resources for Orthodox Christians who would like to … [Read more...]

Church Etiquette, Important Links to Refresh our Memories

Image of Saint Basil's in publich domain at Wikipedia

Now is a perfect opportunity to refresh our memories on the subject of church etiquette. While not difficult, these matters are of great importance to us all, and contribute positively to an atmosphere of piety. These links are filled with helpful … [Read more...]

A Kolivo recipe

Clergy and Faithful with Kolivo in Public Domain at Wikipedia

Have you made kolivo (kollyva) before? Would you like to learn? Download this Rice Kolivo recipe for making a rice version of kolivo for (panikhída) memorial services.         … [Read more...]

Baking Prosphora


Have you ever been asked to make prosphora for your parish? Would you like to learn how to bake prosphora? Fr. Gleb recommends these two instructional … [Read more...]