Church Etiquette, Important Links to Refresh our Memories

Now is a perfect opportunity to refresh our memories on the subject of church etiquette. While not difficult, these matters are of great importance to us all, and contribute positively to an atmosphere of piety.

These links are filled with helpful guidelines for appropriate dress, worship practices, and more. Also, take a look at the links below for important pointers on how to approach and address an Orthodox Bishop. (published in both Greek and English)

A few important reminders:

Please remember to dress appropriately for Divine Services.  Flip flops, Spandex, tee-shirts, ragged jeans, and Bermuda shorts are poor choices for Sunday worship.

Please come early to make sure you can find a parking place.

Please turn off, or set to silent mode, all cell phones.  If you are on-call for work, or other important reasons, please take any critical calls outside.

Please refrain from talking, or holding conversations in the church even during the Reading of the Hours, or during the Prayers after Communion.

Smoking is unhealthy, and unseemly.  Please ask any visitors or guests who smoke to refrain from smoking on church property — especially during Divine Services!